© 2020 Dawn Andres. Currently working as a lead UX/UI designer for NortonLifeLock.

Verizon Cloud

UX and UI

My role on this project was to provide the UX and UI for some exciting new features for the Verizon Cloud app. The final deliverable was a sizzle video aimed at Verizon executives to gain buy-in for these new features. I worked with art director Graham Barey and animator Clint Beastwood at +Citizen to complete the motion studies used in the final sizzle video.

The Secure Vault is a safe and secure place to save digital copies of things like birth certificates, credit card numbers, passports, medical records and more.


The Parental Controls allow parents to monitor their child's mobile activities and get an indicator of what kind of mood the child is in.


A new set of Cloud Search features making organizing, searching, and sharing pictures and videos easier than ever. 

Motion studies

Password: verizon

Cloud Search

Home Moments

Parental Controls

Secure Vault

Print to Store

Augmented Reality