CRM mobile app

Lead designer: User experience and user interface

When I began working for Atlatl one of the ongoing projects I took on was being the primary designer for a new native iPhone app the company called Spear. The mobile app was designed to be a CRM tool that would work with their bread and butter product: their custom iPad sales configurator. I was heavily involved with brainstorming functionality, diagramming task flows, wireframing, and final UI designs.

For more details see the functional specification document which I also designed.

High fidelity mockups

While a dark pallet and skeuomorphic design was not my first design choice, I was able to deliver the design the CEO demanded and stay focused on a good user experience.

Task flow

This is an example of one of the task flows I created for Spear. This flow is for adding or importing a new contact into the app.


An example of one of the multitude of wireframes I created. Each page and every feature started with a wireframe like this before moving to the mockup stage.

Information architecture

This information architecture diagram was made to show how all of the information in the app related to each other.