Reality map

From there I conducted a further analysis of the current website by holding a reality mapping session with my team. This live group exercise goes through every page of an existing website making notes on ideas, questions, and concerns on each page.

Card sort

I also led a card sort exercise to evaluate the organization and hierarchy of content on the web site. This exercise puts each piece of content on a post-it note allowing for an easy way to look at re-grouping content.


After identifying problems with the current site, analyzing the content and information architecture, I was ready to start laying things out in wireframes. I completed three sets of wireframes for review. The one shown is an evolved wireframe after rounds of iteration.

Heuristic evaluation, card sort, reality map, and wireframes

Research / User Experience

When I worked for this start-up the company website was kind of terrible. When I had a small workload I started using some spare time working on a website redesign.

Heuristic evaluation

I started the process with a heuristic evaluation of the current site along with researching websites of their competition. I designed a presentation on my findings in order to get stakeholder support for the redesign.